The tattoo for women

Women’s tattoos have been around for millennia. Depending on the country, tattoos took on different forms and the meanings were just as varied. In black Africa, the tattoo revealed the status of women, in Polynesia, it had the function of differentiating between social groups, while in Japan, women were deliberately tattooed in order to identify themselves as … Read more

Living with an invisible disability without isolation

A woman stands at the bottom of a large staircase. Eyes, she looks for an elevator. There are not any. Resigned, she slowly begins the climb. After four or five steps, she is already out of breath and has to take a break. She resumes the ascent and stops again. She feels on her the contemptuous glances of people who … Read more

The benefits of intergenerational housing

GEORGETTE DUCHAÎNE: France, how did your family come to intergenerational housing? FRANCE BENOÎT: This story begins with my sister Caroline. She and her husband Stéphane had decided to build a house here in Marieville where our parents would live with them. Our parents, who were 73 and 70 years old and in good health, we’re beginning to find their house too … Read more

faith that heals

The question is noble: is a more spiritualized being, that is to say, open to meditation, silence, prayer, even asceticism, predisposed to better health, perhaps to healing? possible better affirmed? As old Homer proclaimed, and as many others have done since, the greatest good there is in this world is, indeed, health. A very ancient … Read more

The art of curing cancer

This remarkable man, born in 1930, has two facets, two passions, and two lives, and each of them is crowned with dazzling success. I meet him in his art-therapy studio at the Hôtellerie de la Fondation québécoise du cancer, a studio he founded in 1997. It’s a place that exudes joy: the bright yellow of … Read more