Tricks and trends of Katie Jane Hughes, Instagram’s favorite makeup guru

His masterful use of color does not stop inspiring thousands of fans on all Instagram. Katie Jane Hughes, the viral makeup artist, proposes irresistible designs that, thanks to the new makeup a label, you can wear for partying or during the day. Just dare.

Her makeup designs receive more than 15,000 likes on her Instagram profile, proof of her talent when connecting with a millennial audience eager to clone her brilliant ideas. Katie Janes Hughes, an inspiring makeup artist with a strong viral presence, manages to take on the riskiest trends with an amazing class, especially with color. The combination of an intense red shadow with the touch of orange fluoride in the lachrymal lavimales, also thanks to the fantastic contrast of its red mane. The brunettes have options, for example, to replicate the effect with a green shadow and its green fluorine equivalent. The lips stay the same: in a nude with a gloss point.

One of our favorite Katie Jane Hughes makeup for these parties that, however, we could wear quietly during the day, thanks to the absolute relax of the millenial makeup label. The lips are still in their nude tonic, to value a spectacular play of shadows: a succession of silver, gold, and smoky black high impact.

The ballet dancer look accompanies here one of the most successful accessories of the season: headbands with volume and jewel decoration. Makeup revolves around a single color: powdered pink. It is a question of replicating the monochromatic tendency that triumphs in fashion also in make up.

This update of the ‘cat-eye’ that Katie Jane Hugues defends so much (and rightly so: it is the minimalist cosmetic touch that favors us from the 30s) convinces us. It is about discreetly delineating the upper eyelid with the black pencil or shadow and adding two risk gestures: with a brown shadow, a triangle at the end of the eyelid that intensifies the cat’s eyes effect; and with a glitter shadow in a light brown, a curved line at the beginning of the mobile eyelid. Spectacular.

Another mix that reigns in the fashion trend, adapted to makeup by Katie Jane Hughe s: pink and red. It is a question of complexing a smoky reddish and dark tone with two points of light in pink fluorine on the upper eyelid and the lacrimal. The most difficult to copy due to the complexity of smoking, but that with practice can go perfectly.