The effects of Christmas on your skin and the guidelines to combat them

The alcohol, excesses, and stress of this appointment also take a toll on our skin

The parties have only just begun and you already notice the effects. Purchases, dinners and family commitments take their toll and not just your wallet. Your skin also suffers when stress, alcohol and endless meals follow each other, and routines get out of control. But don’t panic, you still have time to control the Christmas side effects and get to the January sales with the best face.

To find the enemy to fight we must understand the consequences of this succession of encounters, reeds, snacks, and other appointments have on our body. In the case of alcohol, one of the usual ingredients of social gatherings has a double impact on our skin. On the one hand, it dehydrates it, because our body allocates available fluids to the internal organs, leaving the skin dry. Over time, the production of new skin cells will be compromised, and the skin will become irritated and dry and stained.

On the other hand, alcohol contains a high level of sugar, which contributes to the inflammation of the body and skin. This causes the necessary collagen to break down and prevent cell renewal. A problem that will cause premature wrinkles and dull skin.

To these two inconveniences, we must add a third party, quite usual on the nights when you have a couple of drinks. When you get home, all you want is to get into bed, and the last thing you are thinking about is the tonic, the cream and the rest of the night routine. We can understand. But at the very least, use facial wipes to get rid of makeup and prevent possible infections, as well as your pores clogging or your skin getting dry.

With all this, throughout the morning after the party or dinner, you must find a time to pamper your face and give it the care it needs. And if you have taken something for a hangover, your skin will need a deep cleansing, or directly an exfoliation, a mask that provides the necessary hydration and a jade roller or cold rose to promote lymphatic drainage and reduce the swelling of the face

Stress and haste also have consequences on our faces. With the stress hormone, all blood flow is affected, and the collagen is damaged, which accelerates the aging process and alters the ability of the skin to repair itself. The so-called skin fatigue, which makes our face look tired and dull, with large pores and dry skin. To combat it we must bet on clay masks that unblock or rich in vitamin C, to increase collagen and illuminate our face.

Finally, family eaters and the abundance of sweets also have a reflection on our faces. And if we tend to have oily skin we must control the intake of sausages and meats, and go to our trusted mask to fight open pores. Also, if our diet is a lack of pecking and informal dinners we must provide our skin with the necessary oils to nourish it through lotions and creams.