Ten creams to wake up with enlighted skin (luminous)

The night treatments with skin enlighted effect or luminous skin exert their effects while your body rests, even a few hours, providing the miracle that, when you get up, your skin looks fabulous. And no, they don’t make you shine like a highlighter would because precisely this skincare trend wants to prevent you from needing layers of makeup, powders, and highlighter to camouflage the opacity.

How do they do that? You know, regardless of your age and your lifestyle, keeping your skin well hydrated is a vital aspect of any bedtime routine to help it look brighter when morning comes. Apart from providing a plus of hydration, high nutrition, and some toning action, the products that get you up in the morning with the skin enlighted, concentrate in its formulas powerful active principles that work on skin opacity from the inside, so that you lift with a luminous and homogeneous skin naturally. Give back to your skin the hours of sleep that life snatches and looks radiant, revitalized, fresh and rested. And let the party continue!

Nutri-Lumiere Nuit de Clarins

It includes two powerful key assets that return to the skin all its luminosity. The active ingredients of the extracts of the flower and the fruit of the horse chestnut are those that facilitate the good arrival of the nutrients to the cells. The result, a better-nourished skin that radiates health from within. (€ 138).

La Prairie Cellular Radiance Night Cream

Indicated for mature or heavily damaged skin, the cream offers a refreshing action of the skin for improved texture and clarity, returning the splendor of youth. (€ 590).

Vinoperfect de Caudalie

Among its components, vinifera, associated with the bio-peeling complex, which combines glycolic acid and papaya enzymes that exfoliate the skin in a controlled manner. You can apply it as a mask, putting on a thick layer and leave it exposed for a few minutes. (€ 33.60).

Vinoperfect de Caudalie

It improves the texture, tone, and luminosity of the skin, in addition to stimulating cell regeneration and collagen production for a brighter appearance. Its usual use reduces expression lines, wrinkles, imperfections, and spots. (€ 93).

Idealia Nuit de Vichy

Gel treatment indicated to repair fatigued skin. It is composed of Vitamin B3, repairing oils, LHA, Glycyrrhizic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and caffeine as well as being enriched with Vichy Thermal Water. (€ 30.90).

It is compatible with natural cell renewal, while visibly matching skin tone for a healthier and brighter appearance. (€ 53).

Lierac Supra Radiance Night Cream

This fresh balm, inspired by Asian night masks, is perfect for all skin types. It includes alpha hydroxides, in this way, dead cells are eliminated, taking advantage of the night hours, while capturing water so that when the skin is awakened it is brighter, smoother and softer, from the first application. (€ 57).