So you have to choose the concealers for your party makeup

If you are determined to do everything in your party makeup, it is essential that you have clear the first step: the application of concealers. We explain what each one is for and how to use them so that the rest of the makeup looks perfect

If you are one of those who are thinking of wearing a special, innovative or especially sophisticated makeup at the upcoming parties, you may be tempted to overlook the most important thing: if you do not optimize techniques and products of the makeup base, it won’t look as much as you expect. A good idea is to dispense with the thick layers of contouring, which are more prone to spoil over time and sweat and opt for a light base and good work with concealers. You just have to take into account its use differentiated by colors (there are more options besides the dark circles ) and a very simple technique to apply them. You will forget about makeup all night.

Import: Start by moisturizing scrupulously clean skin well. If you do not do so, you will find cracks. Next, you have to apply the correctors you need. For dark circles, you have to choose a lighter shade or two than your skin. Redness, broken capillaries and rosacea are perfectly covered with green concealer, but if you have darker areas ( bluish veins, for example) you have to resort to orange or pink. Yellow will help you give a touch of light to your face and hide fatigue: it is perfect to camouflage dark circles.

It is also very important that you choose the type of formula according to your skin type. If you have a large pore and oily skin, forget about creams and bars and opt for liquids. Say yes to creams if you have acne: they cover it better. To conceal dark circles, use a sponge or brush and spread the product in thin layers and the shape of an inverted triangle. Do not scrub: blur the concealer with light touches until it melts with your skin. On acne, marks, spots, capillaries, and veins, apply with a sponge or clean brush a very thin layer and blur out. You can fix the cover job with a powder makeup or a fluid base and loose powders. So you make sure it is impeccable for ten or twelve hours.

Victoria Beckham’s (almost low cost) beauty routine includes an anti-aging eye contour 8 times more effective than retinol

Victoria herself has confessed her beauty routine through the influencer YouTube channel Aimee Song. And yes, in total it costs more than 300 euros. But there is a serum for the eye contour in which it is worth investing.

Victoria Beckham is as methodical in her closet as in her bag. And we have two news about your daily beauty routine: a good one and a bad one. The bad thing is that, in total, your favorite treatments for face care continue to amount to more than 300 euros, as published by People magazine last year. The good news is that we have discovered a serum for the eye contour that seems better than eight hours of sleep.

The designer herself talked about all the products she uses through the YouTube channel of the international influencer Aimee Song and from which we have drawn several conclusions. The first that is true to its beauty firm and specifically to the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer (CPV) illuminating cream that activates the regenerative process of the skin and reduces the appearance of pores and imperfections for extreme softness. The second is that if there is a favorite cream (and really low cost ) for Victoria is the Weleda Skin Food Ultra Rich Creme. The third that if there is an area that needs to be pampered is that of the eye area.

The former Spice Girl knows very well is the part of the face that ages before and in which the main signs of fatigue are most reflected. So to avoid them use – as far as we know – up to three different products (Rohto Cooling Eye Drops, 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask and the crown jewel Medik8 r-Retinoate Day & Night Eye Serum).

The latter was recommended by facialist Melanie Grant and since then she has not been able to separate from him. It is a nighttime moisturizing serum formulated with Retinyl Retinoate, a molecule of vitamin A much more potent than retinol. Decongests rejuvenates and improves pigmentation with visible results in four weeks.

A luxury cream worth investing in. Check it on Amazon for 115 euros and follow in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham.