Reese Witherspoon uses a multi-purpose moisturizer that works miracles if you have very dry skin

The actress has revealed what is the moisturizer that protects her skin in winter. Hint: it is a beauty icon that our grandmothers already used and that costs less than 20 euros.

After memorizing the beauty routine that Reese Witherspoon performs every day in just three steps, we feel the need to know everything in the bag of one of the smoothest and most radiant skins in Hollywood. And we have good (and new) news: the actress has revealed the multi-purpose moisturizer she uses from face to toe to protect her skin from the cold and nourish the drier areas.

“It’s great for cold weather, it’s very moisturizing,” Reese explained through Instagram Stories. It is a repairing balm with years of history of a firm of which she is an ambassador.

We talk about the iconic Eight Hour Cream, by Elizabeth Arden in limited edition. A beauty product that was created in 1930 by Elizabeth herself and that continues to revolutionize the industry 90 years later thanks to its immediate effects. This cream is created to repair the drier areas of the body such as lips, nail cuticles, elbows, cracked feet and even hair ends. You can also use it as an illuminator for the cheeks or as a fixing gel and moisturizer for the eyebrows.

Among its ingredients is petrolatum that softens and maintains the elasticity of the skin, vitamin E that is responsible for protecting and renewing, and castor oil that helps restore the natural barrier of the dermis.

The best? Far from resembling the luxury cosmetics used by other celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, this only costs 17.50 euros and is available on Amazon.

The topcoat passes from the nails to the hair to provide extra shine

This Christmas your hair will shine thanks to the extra shine that the new hair topcoat hair treatment will provide.

Dyes, irons and hair dryers are some of the factors that cause the luminosity of the hair to diminish and an opaque appearance is present, an image that frizzly hair also usually shows off, which often gives a feeling of dryness and straw. If you know exactly what we are talking about, watch out for the new hair treatment that promises an extra shine to any type of hair: hair topcoat.

This vegetable cocktail, based on vegetable proteins, rice, coconut oil, and wheat amino acids, provides extra shine to all hair types, especially those subjected to chemical processes. “Coconut oil and wheat amino acids are our base, to which we then add other ingredients depending on the needs of the hair,” explains Verónica Castro, director of the Barcelona salon Vanitas Espai. Thus, macadamia oil is added to the mixture for that hair that needs an extra supply of hydration and hyaluronic acid and caviar extract for those who are very thin and have a little volume.

Also, if you have colored hair the cocktail can be enriched with vegetable pigments that enliven the tone. Although you must keep in mind that you can only maintain the same shade of hair, modify its reflection or darken it; never clarify it, just like it doesn’t cover gray hair either.

The results of this treatment – it is applied directly to the sink, with the help of a brush on the entire surface of the mane, and the process does not take more than 30 minutes – they remain for eight washes and, when acting superficially, it is a service that you can perform whenever your hair needs a plus of luminosity. Of course, if your hair is very dehydrated you should combine this ritual with a specific nutritional treatment.