Mistakes always made in winter by women with dry skin

Choosing the right product, applying it in the right way and at the right time are the three key points so that dry skin does not crack and irritate during the winter months. Discover what other mistakes you make during the colder months.

” The cold is one of the main enemies of the skin, which can suffer tightness, irritations and even redness if it is not taken care of properly during the winter months,” says the pharmaceutical company Rocío Escalante. That is why repairing and moisturizing are the two fundamental pillars of skin care as soon as temperatures begin to fall, especially if it is dry since it can become rougher and sensitized if not pampered properly. Find out what are the five mistakes you may be making without realizing it and put a brake on it now.

Cream and no lotion

You must make sure that at this time of the year you are using cream and not a facial lotion since the second one falls short at the time of hydrating properly. As for the body, the same thing happens: replace the more fluid textures with a denser one or even opt for butter for the colder months. And, if you see that applying it once a day is not enough, do as on the face and apply it both in the morning and at night.

The right cleaner

Avoid cleansers that contain soap in their formulation, as they are characterized by an alkaline pH that can irritate the skin, causing it to not be able to retain hydration. Use a moisturizing cleanser, both in milk, lotion, and oil, depending on your tastes and you will notice that your skin does not stay as tight after daily cleaning.

Sleeping mask ally

The purpose of this product is to create a layer that facilitates the absorption of the other cosmetics that you have applied under it (serum, oil or cream) while you sleep. The best that the sleeping mask has is a texture and aroma of the most pleasant, so they will also help you to go to bed something more relaxed.

Hydration in hour

Not only is it crucial that you apply body milk daily, but it is also important that you do it at the right time to intensify its benefits. Several studies have shown that it is much better to hydrate the body right after showering or bathing than to do it later or throughout the day. In the winter months, it will be better to apply your body cream immediately after washing, with slightly moist skin.

Key ingredients

The ceramides are the main asset that should incorporate your cream, as these skin repair, filling cracks that occur between cells of this to help the dermis heals by itself from external aggression. The glycerin is also a great option to smooth the skin and if you see that your face has a swollen appearance due to temperature changes, opt for cosmetics include in their formulation chamomile, vera or oatmeal aloe, with soothing and anti-inflammatory.