Laura Escanes knows how to grow hair faster if you have it curly

This is how the influencer visually makes your hair look longer and healthier.

There are many methods to encourage hair growth, from exfoliating the root or resorting to classics such as cutting hair, to using homemade masks with ingredients such as olive oil, eggs or avocado to nourish it.

But it is also important to strengthen it as does the influencer Laura Escanes, who is leaving her short haircut aside to leave half her hair with two perfect products to apply on curly, dry or frizzy hair.

“You already know that I am leaving it long and the process is complicated. I have gone through a bad time, but since I have it curly and frizzy, it has become much easier with this treatment,” Escapes explains through Instagram Stories.

First, to create a visually longer effect, you have used a keratin straightening treatment, specifically the Goa Organics Keratin Infusion with 35 natural and regenerating ingredients, among which is a mixture of 20 essential oils that provide the fibers capillaries flexibility and elasticity. Subsequently, Laura Escanes has opted for the Sublime treatment, to hydrate and strengthen the density of the hair.

Two processes that are only carried out in the firm’s GOA salon but also have a range of vegan products that you can get through its online store and that will also help you grow your hair faster, healthier and stronger. Take note: L’essentiel Shampoo (26.95 euros), with ginseng, a powerful hair growth stimulant for its ability to improve blood circulation and hair follicles. L’essentiel Mask (39.95 euros), with coconut oil, mango butter and acai oil that provide antioxidant and regenerating properties in just 5 minutes.

If these are the best selling cosmetics on the planet, it will be for something

If you are paralyzed by the huge supply of cosmetics and you do not have time to follow the recommendations of our experts, the best be guided by the best sellers. When so many people buy the same thing, they can’t be wrong.

It is quite complicated to choose a specific product without a reliable recommendation from a header expert or someone very close. Marketing studies warn that we tend to get carried away by advertising messages (and even packaging ), variables that we can take into account but that, in reality, are not defining the quality of a cosmetic. We propose an alternative way to choose it: let yourself be guided by the best sellers. Popular wisdom is true: if so many people choose them, they cannot be wrong.

It became a star product from the moment of its launch. The illuminator of Yves Saint Laurent Touch Éclat has a double effect: in addition to providing light, camouflages dark circles and bags, it contours the features and highlights cheekbones. It costs 30.45 euros.

Every minute that passes in the make-up stores of the world, two units of Blush in Orgasm are sold, the most popular blush of the Nars firm. It is the best selling blush in the world and you have it in a ton of tonalities. It leaves a natural-looking blush and sells for 29.45 euros.

The fever for the palettes of shadows had to be noted in the banker: they have become that basic cosmetic of the professionals that most seduce the fans of makeup. One of the winners of recent years is the Naked Honey of Urban Decay, full of neutral and golden tones that favor all skin types. The price: 48.95 euros.

Another instant hit product that has become a beauty closet classic. This is the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Revolution, an immovable formula with a magnificent covering ability, perfect to achieve a volume effect on the lips. One is sold every minute and a half worldwide.

Although Chanel does not make its sales figures public, we do know which cosmetics are the favorites of the brand’s fans. In addition to the Le Volume mascara and Vitalumiere Fluid makeup background, the Soleil Tan palm is worn, a base with a tanning effect and a wonderful velvety finish.

The first has become the best option for those who want to solve a lot with little time. They are versatile formulas that allow you to hydrate and something else: sometimes they add a specific treatment, another color, and correction. Paul & Joe’s Moisturising Foundation Primer is a worldwide favorite: Amazon sells a bottle every two minutes.

Available in 17 shades, Giorgio Armani’s Lip Maestro liquid and matte lipstick leave an unmistakable velvety finish. It includes a triangular applicator that allows a super precise application. Price: 36.45 euros.