Khloe Kardashian points to the latest nail trend : velvet chrome

The trend in manicures continues to give us fantastic surprises in the hands of the most VIP clients. Khloé Kardashian wears one of Christmas’s most beautiful nail finishes: a matte metallic effect called velvet chrome.

The trend in manicures, designs, and colors of nails have accelerated considerably at this end of the year, proof that VIP clients demand the ‘nail artists’ finishes more and more innovative and spectacular, with effects that amaze as much as their looks party. To us, the truth, many of these tendencies are far from us because they are impractical for our reality, much more earthly. This is not the case with this trend advanced by Khloé Kardashian, perfectly acceptable in lifestyles other than those of the rich and famous Californians. It is called velvet chrome or chrome velvet and convinces us very much for New Year’s Eve.

The idea of ​​this fantastic chrome effect is from Chaun Legend, a Los Angeles manicurist and a favorite of the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan. And although it is clear that any finish is spectacular in the very long nails that are worn by both Khloé and Kylie, the two sisters who most resort to their services, we have the impression that this chrome can also favor more sensible lengths. Hopefully, soon some enamel brand decides to get this metallic matte.

To achieve this nail color, Chaun Legend has most likely used one of these two strategies: it has applied a layer of matt enamel on a garnet or burgundy with its usual shine or has applied metallic powders that neutralize the iridescent effect they have Normally the enamels. To try it at home, we can experiment with matte enamels and mirror effect powders. It will not be the same, but the result can be interesting.

Hailey Bieber says goodbye 219 with a new look change

Hailey Bieber is the last famous to make a change of look before the end of the year. Justin’s wife has cut her hair.

Hailey Bieber started 2019 with a radical look change: a bob cut and a pink hair dye. In spring, she chose to let her hair grow a little more, colored in beige blond, and the autumn months have looked longer and wavy. Now he has decided to change his look again to start 2020 with healthy hair.

The hairdresser Florido, who is also responsible for cutting Justin’s hair, has been the architect of the look, whose result has risen to his Instagram account. Hailey’s new hair look is a long midi mane, in which there are only a few discrete layers. Also, the stylist has combed her smoothly and with the tips inwards, so that the appearance is more classic than that of the hairstyles to which we are accustomed.

However, what has surprised us is that Florido has added in his post that he has used extensions for this hairstyle. When investigating we have discovered that this is because, as Hailey has assured in some interview, her hair is very thin and she needs to wear extensions when she is wearing it long; in this way, it conceals the lack of density in the area of ​​the tips.