If you are going to fly , protect your skin and land with your best face

The greatest danger on board the plane is dry skin due to the low humidity of the pressurized air. If the flight is long, put on a mask and, if not, spray a moisturizing spray.

They are days of comings and goings. And to take full advantage of these minivacations, the fastest transport is the plane, but also the most aggressive for the environment … and your skin. For starters, the materials that cover the cabins have up to 5,000 volatile elements (hydrogen, carbon, fluorine, chlorine, bromine …). Also, the lack of natural ventilation and pressurized cabin air, which has very low humidity (between 10% and 20%), results in rough skin.

These special conditions cause less oxygen to reach the tissues, which alters the hydrolipidic mantle and produces alterations in the microcirculation.

The most immediate consequences are dehydrated skin, with redness and more marked wrinkles. And if this were not enough, during the flight the bags become more visible and the lips crack.

To land in the best conditions, drink plenty of water and avoid makeup, so you can treat the skin during the journey. On one-hour flights, it is enough for you to vaporize a mist with moisturizing and soothing assets all over your face to keep the skin elastic, and periodically apply a lip balm.

If you are waiting for a few hours on board, put on a moisturizing mask and spread a layer of cream every hour and a half. Opt for those containing hyaluronic acid and ceramides to retain water. In the eyes put some draining patches to decongest the area (if you’re embarrassed, wear dark glasses and avoid prying eyes).

And in all cases, when you are at 35,000 feet, avoid getting from the sun, because at that altitude it is much more harmful. You can choose two moisturizers is one, with a high protection factor to combat the effects of radiation.

When you disembark, just follow these little rituals during the flight, you will notice the difference.

Three easy hairstyles to make you alone on New Year’s Eve

Semi-picked, ponytail or a collection of braids are the three hairstyle options that we propose for New Year’s Eve. Check out these simple tutorials and say goodbye to the year with a very pro-looking hair look.

Are you still doubting whether to make a special hairstyle for New Year’s Eve or not? We solve your doubts with three looks easy to make, but sophisticated, perfect to say goodbye to the year with a full of glamor hair. Leave your hair down for any other day and this New Year’s Eve make a different collection with the help of these three videos with a simple step by step. Now you just have to decide which of the three options to stay with.


This collected is the star of the season, both catwalks, red carpets, and Instagram, where it has appeared in a thousand and one different ways. The mid version is perfect to reinvent it this Christmas if you are looking for a glamorous finish. You will only have to roll one strand to cover the catcher and then roll another in the opposite direction to create that effect.

Side semi-recollection

Also known as a twisted updo, this simple semi-short is just as good with straight, wavy or curly hair. Suitable for any Christmas date, the trick is to add a nice pin or brooch to raise your level. Remember to finish with a touch of hairspray so that the hairstyle will hold you perfect all night and add a bit of serum from means to ends to add extra shine to your hair.

Braid ponytail

If you are looking for a more sophisticated hairstyle try to make a pigtail with braids. Although a priori seems somewhat difficult, it is not at all if you know how to make a braid root, since this collected combines two small ones on the sides with a central one. You decide if you prefer to do it with the stripe on one side or with it in the middle.