High bun (top knot): the easy hairstyle for emergencies, step by step

A fresh and natural collection with which not to fail these holidays no matter what.

Among all the options of easy hairstyles for this Christmas, the high bun, also known as a top knot or ballerina bun, is one of the most elegant and appetizing options. And not only because it is fresh and naturally collected very similar to the favorite of the famous ones on the red carpet (the updo collected ), but because it can be done at home in less than five minutes with this step by step to save any party look

You only need a dryer, a rubber, several hairpins, some irons, a texturizing spray and having freshly washed hair as explained by the Artistic Team of Llongueras (creators of this hairstyle), who advise doing it “the day before or on the same day, depending on the type of hair. ”

How to make a top knot in three steps

1. The first and most important step is to prepare the hair for texture with a styling spray. This will make it have a consistent base for hours and hours. For best results, remove moisture from the product by applying heat with the dryer to give it even more shape.

2. At the time of choosing the height of the bun. To do this, make a ponytail at the top of the head at the point you want and then separate the hair and fasten it with hairpins, strand by strand, around the hairband.

3. To finish, and give it a messy touch, release several strands on the front and apply fixative to get the polished finish that characterizes this classic hairstyle. A hairstyle that, according to the stylists of Llongueras, is “perfect for women with long hair, although it can also be done in medium lengths.” And also, it feels good to all faces but it is ideal for round and oval ovals thanks to its verticality.

The most frequent beauty searches on Google will surprise you

We thought that the most frequent doubts would have to do with choosing the perfect cream or cosmetics for our skin type or problem. But no. What worries us the most is how to apply them to achieve a top effect.

We do not discover gunpowder if we say that our dependence on search engines and tutorials is, today, total. Every time we have a doubt, we solve it on Google or YouTube without problems, so we no longer have to constantly turn to family and friends and pray for their advice to work. On the planet of beauty, these digital tools are transcendental. Without them, we would not be living the current makeup boom, with cosmetics once limited to the expert control of beauty salons that we can use at home today. From laser hair removal to false eyelashes, there is very little left to take from the professional’s stretcher from beauty to home privacy. yes: we need instructions.

At this time of the year, Google usually reveals what are the most performed searches in the last twelve months that have to do with beauty. This is a super significant list because it tells us that what worries us is not so much which product to choose, but how to apply them to achieve an optimal effect. In a nutshell: we want to bring the do-it-yourself to its fullest expression. At the top of the list, we find the question about how to apply adhesive nail polishes. It is clear that our nails obsess and we want to show off the most striking designs in the easiest way possible.

In position number two is the question on how to apply false eyelashes, which we see again in position number seven, but this time more concrete: how to put the individual ones. We do not want to devote too much time or money to the manicure or aesthetic professionals who achieve the perfect result. The rest of the queries on the list are basic makeup: how to use the blush (third); how to apply the tonic (fourth); the liquid foundation of makeup (fifth); the self-tanner (in eighth); the mascara (in ninth); the first (in tenth). In the seventh, we find a fashion product that we still do not fully understand: coconut oil.