Do you want Marta Soriano’s eyebrows ? So he shaves them to get a perfect design

Starting from the fact that the eyebrows are thick and thick like those of Marta Soriano, record this hair removal technique to achieve a precise and perfect design.

The world of eyebrows does not leave us indifferent. With them, we have learned that we should not pass a hair if we dare to give them shapes from home, that there are several treatments such as microblading or microshading that are capable of changing everything and that it is very important to choose well between the different types of hair removal -According to each type of skin- to remove facial hair.

But this time we will only talk about the technique that Marta Soriano uses in this area. “It had been months since I had my eyebrows with thread and I had forgotten how perfect they are,” he confessed on Instagram. The thick and thick eyebrows of the influencer are one of his hallmarks and hair removal is his best-kept secret to keep them defined.

It is a quick and easy method highly recommended for the most sensitive skin, since it does not irritate the skin or hair follicles and prevents the appearance of cystic hairs. It does not cause excessive redness or inflammation and in recent years it has become one of the key trends in the beauty world.

The thread can be made of silk or cotton and should be placed in the shape of a cross so that the friction of both removes each root hair. The hair will take longer to grow and hair removal is much more accurate than with the classic tweezers.

If you opt for this option as Marta Soriano, you will most likely have to go to a specialized center where they completely master the technique. In less than 10 minutes you will get your dream eyebrows.

This is the diet with which you will not diet after Christmas

The time of excesses arrives and with it the feared extra kilos. You can always get rid of them after the holidays, but … it’s a difficult road.

Christmas is a time of excess, there’s no doubt. For something one of the most repeated Christmas purposes is “go on a diet” and “join the gym.” Success is not always assured and, with age, it is more difficult to lose weight.

So this year we have decided one thing: either we go on a diet before the holidays (we have the best ones to lose weight here) or we accept that in the time of Santa Claus and Three Wise Men, you gain weight and it is very difficult to get rid of it. But not impossible.

Choosing well is the key: forget about strict diets . There are tricks that you can perform to be able to ‘pass’ on key days. Of course, the rest of the time you have to choose well. Healthy foods should be your priority, otherwise, you will accustom your body to the ultra-processed and will only want that. If you go over, let it be with foods that are nutritious. That is, it is much better to eat a meal with homemade potatoes than to eat in a fast-food chain.

In the same way, compensating excesses will always be a good idea. That is, reduce calorie intake on a later day and the previous day with the aim of compensating and opt for light foods. Here are some tricks you can do to save yourself the dislike of extra pounds:

-Choose well the specific meals in which it makes you especially excited to consume a certain food. In the others, choose nutritious and healthy foods to maintain the line, but above all, health.

-Come before, that is, if you have a meal, have lunch before or have a snack, if instead, it is a dinner, snack before.

-Avoid unhealthy desserts because they do not provide any beneficial nutrient only sugar and fat.

-Careful with alcohol because it contains empty calories and makes you very fat.

-Never forget your physical exercise, because at Christmas you have more time with the holidays and so you will burn (in part) the calories you eat.

The best thing you can do is go on a diet one month before the conflicting month to compensate for the weight you gain. Choose a severe method that is not highly restrictive because Zion will rebound.