Discover the change of look eighties Millie Bobby Brown

The change of look of Millie Bobby Brown includes cut and color. This is the new image of the Stranger Things actress.

A few months ago Millie Bobby Brown surprised us with a new look, with long blond hair as protagonists; nothing to do with the short brown hair that has worn in the Stranger Things series. However, it seems that the actress has tired of the XL mane and has preferred to cut for the healthy. His new look change also includes a subtle color change.

His usual hairdresser, Jacob Habid Khan, has uploaded to his Instagram account an image of Millie in which it is perfectly seen that he has got rid of the extensions to return to his usual midi mane. “I had fun doing this Millie look change today,” the hairstylist wrote on his profile. “She has said goodbye to her extensions and has felt herself again with short hair,” he adds.

In addition to the cut, Khan has also modified the actress’s hair color to be more in line with the winter season. “We dim the blond to give it a more hand-painted look. Now she is more a brunette with balayage than a blonde with a dark root, ”he explains. The result is a very natural look, with well-mixed highlights to provide extra light to the hair.

Margot Robbie’s new look change includes cut and color (slightly more blond)

A slightly more blond tint and a slightly shorter length are the protagonists of Margot Robbie’s subtle hair change.

In many cases, it is not necessary to make a radical look change so that the new image has a great impact. This was the case of the last look change a few days ago by Charlize Theron – the actress subtly changed the tone of her blond hair – and now so is Margot Robbie, who repeats formula by slightly modifying the cut and color of her hair.

Last night we could see the actress during the premiere of her movie Bombshell in Los Angeles, wearing a slightly shorter and lighter mane, where the roots of her hair were somewhat blonde and the tips a little shorter than in her previous act public. Also, Margot replaced his usual waves with more informal wavy hair. “These subtle and polished waves that adopt their natural texture to balance their style with night glamor,” said hairdresser Bryce Scarlett.

And, although it is not yet known what professionals have been the architects of this new look, everything indicates that the colorist Justin Anderson is the one behind the dye and that the scissors of the hairdresser Bryce Scarlett have been responsible for the cut.