Change of look: Maria Pombo surprises with the long bob haircut that we will continue to see in 2020

And all are advantages: it has the ideal length to continue picking your hair, it is easy to comb, favors all faces and leaves the tips super healthy.

Yes now. After playing with our addiction to the changes of look before her wedding, María Pombo has surprised us with a transformation that we did not expect a few days to end 2019. We have a haircut and in addition to those we like.

The influencer, even being already in the beauty salon of Tacha Beauty, left her new image in the hands of her followers through a survey on Instagram Stories “Do I dare?”, Launched the smallest of the Pombo. Two hours later he had got rid of his long golden hair with a hairstyle that will continue to be a trend in 2020.

The stylist Juan Diego Teo has made a long bob haircut below the shoulders and has kept his wicks and then comb it with irresistible waves.

And it is that he has made this cut is no coincidence because they are all advantages: it has the ideal length to continue picking his hair, it is easy to comb, favors all faces and leaves the tips super healthy. We also believe that you urgently needed Mary! The brightness, density, and volume of your hair have changed immediately.

Neither too long nor too short. The midi mane is a classic and Maria Pombo has been right, as well as other celebrities who already look like Hailey Baldwin, Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez when she decides to put aside the extensions.

This is the exact lipstick that Cristina Pedroche will wear in the Campanadas

The television collaborator has shared through her Instagram the tone that will look on New Year’s Eve. And … Surprise!

There is very little left for the Chimes! The cake will be revealed next Tuesday and we will be able to know what styling Cristina has been hiding for so many months. Pedroche herself has revealed that this is the most spectacular year she feels with creation, not so much for the design, but for the concept that it hides.

Little by little we learn some details of the big night, although yes, with droppers. Now it has been the television collaborator herself who has taken Instagram to reveal what will be the protagonist’s color of the night.

And … Surprise! It is a tone that we had not yet seen in the Bells: red. It seems that the color of passion will be the protagonist on this special night. Through her Instagram, David Múñoz’s wife has revealed this “real track” as she has called it, and has told her followers that she will wear red lips on New Year’s Day.

The best? That has also shared the exact lipstick and has not been around. This is the “Lipsatin Lipstick More than red 48” from the Cristina Pedroche X Inglot collection. It costs 12 euros and is available online in case you want to copy the lipstick that will take the last night of the year.

If you have fallen in love more than the legendary MAC Ruby Woo, you know … who warns is not a traitor.