Beautiful lips : the dangerous beauty trend that has gone viral

Discover what’s behind the devil lips or the beautiful lips, the dangerous beauty trend that has gone viral.

From time to time a new trend of beauty appears in the networks that become viral, in spite of how absurd or unsightly it may be. If in mid-September we could see the glue trick to increase the volume of the lips, now comes the hashtag #devillips (devil’s lips, with almost 1,900 publications).

Social networks are full of images of those known as devil lips, which some people have also labeled #octopuslips (octopus lips). This trend, imported from Russia and created by cosmetologist Alexandra Gont, consists of filling the contour of the lips with hyaluronic acid to achieve a wavy shape. But, even though God says that this procedure is “completely safe”, some experts believe that if this type of filler is injected inappropriately it could affect the blood vessels, causing clots in the area and even causing necrosis of the lip tissue

Although safety guarantees are yet to be seen, what is clear is that “ in this practice, naturalness is ruled out, which is the fundamental objective with which experts infiltrate hyaluronic acid. This naturalness is achieved by balancing the volumes administered and the correct choice of the points where it is injected. These tweaks should go unnoticed if professional manipulation is correct, ”says María Teresa Achiques, medical director of Sensabell Plastic Surgery.

In the networks, many experts ensure that the devil lips that appear on the internet are not an aesthetic touch-up as such, but that it is only an Instagram, Photoshop or even filter that has been achieved with the help of a lipliner. We will have to wait a few days to discover the mystery behind these unsightly lips.


Perfect skin like the Japanese: this is achieved in record time

That impeccable face that we envy Asia has ceased to be unattainable. Technological formulas of makeup and concealers make it possible.

The perfection that we crave in these times of Instagram filters is not achieved by equidistant geometric proportions. As Japanese women know, the skin defines it. An immaculate complexion, without pores and imperfections and with the exact balance of luminosity, volume, and youth. If Mother Nature has not granted it to you or is about to take it from you, plant her face with the latest makeup bases, powders and concealers.

Advanced technologies, such as ActiveForce, which Shiseido has incorporated into its new Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing line, ensure that both makeup funds and concealers and powders withstand all the challenges a face faces every day.

Everything under control

“Inspired by J-Beauty, the spirit of Japanese beauty, these technological formulas are capable of resisting heat, humidity and all the gestural expression of our emotions. But they can also regulate the sebum production of the skin and keep hydration levels safe, under a flexible film that endures all day without the need for a touch-up, ”explains Gregoris Pyrpilis, makeup ambassador for the Japanese firm.

The key to your application? “You can use your fingers, but the Hanatsubaki brush, designed for powders, also manages to polish the base perfectly with circular motions.”