7 Symptoms Of Osteoporosis You Are Probably Ignoring

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It’s easy for us to disregard that days are going by one after the other. But aging does have its effects and we can’t really do anything. When our body starts to deteriorate, it happens pretty fast. You will lose your hearing, seeing will be a lot harder and even the simplest activities will lead to problems. You will also be prone to cancer, skin infections, and many others. This is why you need to understand when and how issues will arise.

We can also talk about osteoporosis, which is a culprit and one of those diseases that can be very damaging for the human body. This is characterized by bony tissue loss. Your bones become very brittle and prone to fractures. They break easily, and that can lead to severe problems.

Women deal with osteoporosis after menopause, and men encounter it after being 50-60. Since osteoporosis is hard to identify, it can easily damage your body without even knowing. According to a study from the East Virginia medical school, osteoporosis-related fractures can lead to severe problems, and that’s why it can be very dangerous especially for the elderly.

You need to know what leads to it, how problematic it can be, and how to protect yourself against it. That’s why we created a list with 7 signs you need to know about, which indicates potential osteoporosis. The 6th one is particularly important because a lot of people don’t relate to the brittle bones.

1. AGE

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Once you get past 50 years of age, the chances of having osteoporosis increase exponentially. It’s imperative at this point to talk with the doctor and see what he has to say. You will need an adequate diet that has plenty of calcium and bisphosphonates. Hormone replacement therapy and proper exercising can help you lower the bone loss in no time. After you get past 65, that’s when you need osteoporosis checkups done very often. N°5 Will Shock You Especially Women… >>

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